Design Solution: Occasional Room


With children reportedly living at home for longer, and a rise in the number of homes hosting overnight guests, it seems that our living spaces are increasingly under pressure to deliver solutions to accommodate (literally), our busy and varied lifestyles. A common conundrum facing many homeowners is how to utilize that smaller spare room? With flexible working increasingly the norm and the obligatory children’s homework sessions, the Study has become a staple of many homes.

However, scores of homeowners are reluctant to give up a potential spare bedroom through fear of appearing to be the unwelcoming host – unable to accommodate weary guests after a marathon dinner party, for example. But what if you’re struggling for space and can’t afford to commit to either room type…?

Dual purpose is most definitely the way forward! Adding an occasional bed to a room will offer immediate flexibility, be it a sofa bed or day bed, either option provides both a comfy lounging area and a place to sleep, but without the ‘look’ of a conventional bedroom. Design-led desks can also create a style-savvy and softer feel than their commercial office-based counterparts, as well as providing clever storage compartments.

Careful layout planning is also required to ensure that the room can facilitate practical elements such as an unfolded sofa bed, as well as a desk and a chair. And of course, there’s the all-important stylistic elements – balancing practical with pretty to ensure that the overall scheme is cohesive but not functional to the point of being cold.

The shots used for this blog post shows how we were able to design and deliver a functional Study / occasional bedroom using carefully selected furniture pieces punctuated with calming wall art to promote both productivity and peace.

Problem solved!