How to Avoid the January Blues at Home


As the festive period starts to slowly drift away and temperatures drop lower across the UK, many of us will be at risk to becoming prey to the dreaded January Blues. To avoid the seasonal negative mood, Andrew Henry Interiors has shared a few tips on how to beat the Blues at home whilst the majority of people continue to work from home.

A winter clean

Giving your home a deep clean after the festive period by taking down the Christmas paraphernalia, is a good way to declutter your living spaces and give a fresh feeling to the home. This will also provide you with  some renewed motivation to see the New Year in a more positive light. You could take it one step further by recycling old furniture which would give you a new space for free!

Uplifting fragrances

As the cold and rain starts to settle in and make outdoor walks a bit harder, a simple way to feel refreshed and uplifted at home is through fragrances. Scented candles, diffusers and incense sticks are a great way to add ambience to your home whilst also providing a sense of calm. Do consider fruity and floral scents to add the much-awaited summer feeling into your home.

Pop of colours

Another easy way to liven up your mood is through the introduction of pops of colour in your living spaces. A colourful cushion, throw or even a painting in an uplifting colour pattern like yellow or turquoise will go a long way towards brightening up your mood. For those still working at home, why not consider jazzing up your office accessories with a new colourful diary or pen.

Plan ahead

Last but not least, another cost- effective way to get you feel energised once again is to plan ahead to your positive plans for the year. Start by creating a visual board of your goals and exciting plans and place it somewhere that you look at everyday to evoke a sense of positivity and purpose. Don’t forget to also start planning your summer holiday which is a 100% effective method to put you in good spirits!