Interior Design Trends for 2017


Hand-painting Wallpaper

Here at Andrew Henry Interiors we consider our collective finger to be very firmly on the creative pulse of interior design. There is always an excited buzz in our design studio as the design team eagerly seeks out the latest trends to hit the industry, as they begin incorporating new colours, materials and furnishings into our latest projects.

This year (yes we still can’t quite believe it’s 2017) we thought it would be fun to ask some of our very own designers about their interior design forecasts for the year ahead, and here are some of the key ‘looks’ they identified:


Slow Living

As world affairs are likely to take new tumultuous turns in 2017, the importance of consciousness and sustainability in design will take on a new significance in home décor as we seek out refuge from the chaos outside our front doors. In contrast there is likely to be a shift towards a slower pace of life as we hunt for natural and hand-crafted products, and reflect upon their origin. This trend will naturally ebb towards nature-inspired earthy palettes of ochre, sand-like beiges and dark moss greens, which will help to create ‘cocooning’ interiors.

Tactile Textures

We predict that comfort and texture will feature highly on interiors shopping lists as people will be looking for an antidote to the cold & sterile world of tablet and smartphone screens. There will also be a touch of indulgence thrown-in with a move towards luxury fabrics such as mohair. We advise homeowners to consider mixing textures too, such as a super-soft wool throw draped over a tan leather armchair. Are you sitting comfortably?


Tactile Textures

Slow Living

Hexagonal patterns

Later in 2016 we saw the emergence of the hexagonal tile, in a complete break from the traditional metro tile. We predict an influx of new hexagonal ranges in 2017, which will be one of this year’s hottest patterns to adorn stylish walls worldwide. We are also expecting to see tiling grow even more creative with different layouts such as metro tiles set out in a herringbone formation.

Hand-painted wallpaper

As the interior design world continues to celebrate craftsmanship and artistry, we expect to see hand-painted wallpapers increasingly take centre stage as an indulgent treat for the home. With an emphasis on natural beauty (florals & elegant birds) this would make the perfect feature wall for a sophisticated bedroom.


Hexagonal PatternsRaw Whites

New Nordic

Whist calm Scandinavian styling will remain with us this year, we are likely to see this particular décor trend take a side-step away from starker graphic monochromes to a softer design-focussed look with lots of smoky greys. Expect to see an influx of raw materials such as linen and rattan, for those signature natural ‘Scandi’ elements.

Raw Whites

We feel it’s time for a celebration of all of those dreamy off-whites such as bone & chalk. Brighter whites will take a backseat as many homeowners will want to indulge in some relaxation, with ambient lighting also featuring heavily this year. The raw white trend will partner perfectly with those tactile textures as we see white shades elegantly layered into decorative schemes.